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How Grace Home Cleaning is Defeating the Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus disrupting our lives this year Grace Home Cleaning has implemented changes on how to clean your home. Before I go into the changes I took some classes on the proper way to sanitize a home and what are the things to ensure a home is properly sanitized.

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Grace Home Cleaning - Fall Allergies Home Cleaning Tips to Stifle the Sniffle

Six Tips for Keeping Your Home Dust Free

You know the feeling. You look across the room and see that dust has accumulated yet again on your living room end tables, TV stand, mantle, etc. Didn’t you just take care of that? No one likes having a dusty home and it is true that it seems to settle and build up nearly as fast as you remove it.

Grace Home Cleaning is happy to take care of the routine of regular dusting for you. In our line of work, we have found a few places in the home that seem to be virtual magnets for that annoying dust. We have also uncovered some tips that work best when trying to keep your home dust free.

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Dishwashers Need Cleaning Too!

You might think that there is no need to clean the inside of your dishwasher. After all, its very job is to, well, clean things! Even though this kitchen appliance is frequently subject to hot water, detergents and heat, that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to get dirty and require some attention once in awhile.

The inside of your dishwasher can become the site of accumulation for things such as food debris, grease and built up soap scum. Over time, these can cause issues as minor as a bad odor, to more serious problems like reduced efficiency and clogged drains.

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Muddy Dog - How To Keep Your Home Clean With Furry Friends

Keeping Your Home Clean with Furry Friends

For those of us who have pets in our homes, it goes without saying that those lovable, furry companions do create some extra work when it comes to keeping the house clean. Pet dander, fur, mud and all the rest that comes with keeping a pet indoors can not only affect the general cleanliness (and odor) of a living space but can also impact the overall health and well-being of those in your family.

The home cleaning challenges presented by pets are many and vary based on things such as type, breed and believe it or not, the personality of your furry friend. No matter which pet shares your home, there are some things you can routinely do to help minimize a pet’s impact on your home’s cleanliness.

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Grace Home Cleaning - Fall Allergies Home Cleaning Tips to Stifle the Sniffle

Decluttering For The Health Of It

We all know someone (maybe it’s you!) whose living space is a little on the cluttered side. In this instance, clutter is defined basically anything that we really don’t need that could be tossed; or, those things that we need to keep but are not filed, stored appropriately or put in the place where they “belong.”

As Professional Home Cleaners, we really love the old phrase, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” For many of us, the reality of this actually happening falls a little short of expectations. So, what is the harm of living in a perpetually cluttered environment? There are actually quite a few ways this can negatively impact one’s outlook, productivity and yes, even your health. How?

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Thank you for your Omaha home cleaning services - grace home cleaning

Thank You For Helping Us Make A Difference In The Omaha Cleaning Industry

With the vision and mission of helping people reduce stress, save time for the things that are important to them, it’s no wonder that our company, Grace Home Cleaning, has been this successful.

To our family, friends, clients, and community for their unconditional support, you help us in more ways than you could ever imagine and, for that, we will forever be grateful!

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Grace Home Cleaning - Kevin Smith

Resolve To Our Cleaning Service & Spend Time Doing What You Enjoy

It’s almost the time to start making those New Year’s resolutions. We know that many make them, so why not hire a weekly cleaning service, to ensure that 2018 is stress-free!

Making a few subtle, but essential changes in your weekly routine can ensure you have the time for all the things that bring you joy in life as finding extra time hard. We suggest starting with taking a look at the things you do every week that you don’t enjoy. For many, housework and cleaning is one of those things.

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Spring Cleaning for Home - Grace Home Cleaners

Putting Your Home on the Market?

So you’re ready to put your home on the market. We don’t have to tell you how much work it is to get your home ready to sell. From making the minor repairs to home cleaning to decluttering and staging, it’s a whole lot of work.

One thing you can do to help lighten the load when you get ready to put the “for sale” sign in the yard is to hire a professional home cleaning service to add sparkle and shine. Prospective buyers look for a lot of things when they are shopping for a home, but cleanliness is the one thing that makes an immediate impression when they open your door for the first time. It will be hard for buyers to imagine themselves in your home if they notice the dust bunnies hanging from your light fixtures.

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Move In and Move Out Home Cleaning - Grace Home Cleaners

10 Questions to Ask a Cleaning Service Before You Hire

When we meet with potential residential customers for Grace Home Cleaning, I like to think of it almost like an interview. I want to be sure the homeowner asks important questions of me, just as I want to be certain the services we provide are a good fit for their family.

It is really important to realize that not all cleaning services operate in the same manner or perform the same services. Just as policies and procedures are variable, so are the ultimate results and satisfaction you might experience if you fail to ask important questions up front, only to find out later that you’ve made some incorrect assumptions.

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Cleaning Up Before the Clean Up Crew Arrives

We get this question from a lot of customers: “What do I need to do before your professional cleaning crew arrives?” We think it’s worth taking just a little time to explain why it is a good idea to take a little time to “clean up before the big cleanup.” We know that seems counterintuitive. After all, you’re paying a professional home cleaning crew to do this for you, right? But the truth is, if you want our crews to do the best job we can, it does require just a bit of preparation on your part.

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