How Grace Home Cleaning is Defeating the Coronavirus

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With the Coronavirus disrupting our lives this year Grace Home Cleaning has implemented changes on how to clean your home.  Before I go into the changes I took some classes on the proper way to sanitize a home and what are the things to ensure a home is properly sanitized.  

It is amazing, being a home cleaner I thought that the toilet or bathroom area would be the “high” danger area for catching any type of virus but I was wrong.  The biggest area of concern is the front door knob to enter your home.  Once you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  This is the one spot in your home that when you enter your home from work, the store or the kids from school or playing outside a person touches without the ability to have your hands sanitized prior and once you enter the home you never go back and wipe that area after washing your hands.

So if you learn one thing from this post I would hope this is the one place that you clean every day or after a high “traffic” day when we are not there for you.

So to battle this virus we have implemented using a hospital grade disinfectant to sanitize the high traffic touch areas in your home, door knobs, light switches, countertops, faucets and toilets. 

Second, and most importantly, you the homeowner can help us the most before we clean your home to “De-Clutter” your home before we get to your home.  This will make our job much more effective and a better cleaning all around.

Third, adhere to the CDC’s recommendation of six foot social distancing.  So, what does this mean?  If we are cleaning the top floor of your home, if you are home, if there is another floor you can go to or another room? Please do!  This makes our job so much easier.  If you have kids, keep them on another floor.

Fourth, all of our cleaners signed a “Health and Safety Commitment,” here is a list of the items they have ALL committed to,

  1. I will commit to staying healthy and will only work if I am healthy.
  2. If my client is home I will tell them “I am healthy, my hands have been washed, I will wash my hands prior to cleaning your home. Is everyone in the home healthy?”
  3. If the client answers that they are not healthy I will excuse myself from the home and call the office from outside the clients home.
  4. I will be washing my hands frequently, prior to entering my clients home I will wash my hands, entering my clients home I will wash my hands first.
  5. I will wear my rubber gloves while cleaning my clients toilets.  If my client wants me to I will wear rubber gloves while cleaning their home I will.
  6. When sanitizing all of my equipment with my hospital grade disinfectant I will wipe down all handles, spray bottles, ensure vacuum canister is emptied and swap out my vacuum filter with my disinfected spare sponge filter.  At the end of the day used vacuum filters will be sanitized and rinsed with water at the end of the day and left out to dry over night.
  7. All used towels/dusting rags will continue to be washed with hot water, bleach and detergent. No used towels/dusting rags will be brought into another clients home.

Fifth, all of our cleaning technicians have face masks that they can wear if you would like them too.  I am not requiring the cleaners to wear them because we have found that these policies have been effective.

And finally, during this time we are not charging our clients if they “skip” there service same day due to a person in your home is sick or has the flu.  We really want to ensure the safety of our cleaners.

God Bless,


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