Grace Home Cleaning FAQs

Grace Home Cleaning supplies all the cleaning supplies and equipment to clean your home (including vacuum cleaners, scrub brushes, mop heads, cleaning solutions and freshly washed cleaning towels). Our primary cleaning products are as “Green” to be gentle on your home and our Professional Home Cleaners. All the staff are supplied with the same chemicals, and we DO NOT carry any form of Bleach or Ammonia. If you would like to supply your own cleaning solution please contact our office 24 hour prior to your scheduled clean so they can update your electronic work order.

Grace Home Cleaning will assign a Professional Home Cleaning Technician based on your location. All of our Professional Home Cleaning Technicians are well trained, highly rated, and thoroughly vetted. We conduct pre-employment background checks, pre-employment drug screening, in-person interviews, and paid training for every employee. The day prior to your cleaning you will receive an email/text message reminding you of your clean with the Professional Home Cleaner/s name assigned to your cleaning.

For most homes we assign a single Professional Home Cleaning Technician, although we may assign an additional Professional Home Cleaning Technicians for larger homes. Don’t be alarmed if one of our Quality Managers stops by, they will be there to assure your home is fully up to the Grace Home Cleaning standards.
Grace Home Cleaning’s primary goal is to assign one of our Professional Home Cleaners to your home if you have recurring service. The only time you would not see your assigned Professional Home Cleaner would be if they have a vacation day, they are sick, snow day, holiday, or if you would skip and your cleaning needs to be rescheduled. If your home requires 2 cleaning staff members, one of the staff members is assigned your home and the other is an alternate.
The cleaning could take as little as 1 hour or up to 4 hours. When we schedule your cleaning we do not want our Professional Home Cleaners in your home longer than 4 hours. If your home cleaning would take 8 hours we will send additional cleaning staff members to keep the duration of your clean to 4 hours. In this case you could see 2 cleaning staff members at your home for 4 hours, but the cleaners were there for a total of 8 hours.

Our goal is to make your clean as easy as possible for you, but a little help from you will go a long way toward the perfect clean. Before we arrive, please pick up clutter, move anything fragile, and empty sinks so that our Professional Home Cleaners can safely access all the surfaces in your home. We will clean around your possessions rather than move them.

From fall to spring in Nebraska snow and ice are always a hazard. Please ensure driveways and walkways are clear and rid of ice so our Professional Home Cleaner can enter your home safely for them and their cleaning supplies.

Indoor temperature must also be appropriate for them to work safely. For this reason, be aware that in warm/cool weather, our technicians may set the air conditioning temperature down to 72 degrees Fahrenheit while working in your home; they will reset it to your preferred setting before they leave.

Other than that, just secure any pets and make sure that we will be able to enter your home at the scheduled date and time. We got the rest from there!

While our Professional Home Cleaning Technicians work hard to make your home shine, there are limits to what we can do with set-in stains and textured or porous surfaces, such as fabrics, wood, stone, bathtub, grout, etc. We will clean these areas as thoroughly as possible, but be aware that they might not appear as visually clean as the other surfaces. If your home has hard water, it may have created permanent mineral stains or build-up, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. We cannot guarantee complete removal of all hard water deposits. In addition, there are some other things we do not clean. Please see our Clean Policy for more information.

Each of our Professional Home Cleaning Technicians are employed directly by Grace Home Cleaning, which helps us recruit and retain the best people. Our Professional Home Cleaners receive ongoing training and regular performance reviews; as well as financial incentives to ensure consistently providing good service. You can trust that our employees know what they are doing, and do not need to be supervised while cleaning. We ask that you do not attempt to direct, instruct, or inspect them while they are cleaning until they are completely finished. You will receive a review the day after your cleaning to make sure that you are satisfied with your cleaning; if not, we will make it right with our Happiness Guarantee. If you ever have questions or concerns, please contact us as soon as possible at (402) 769-0774 call/text or email at so that we may address the issue promptly.

No. You do not need to be home when our Professional Home Cleaners arrive or while they are working. In fact, the majority of our clients are not home when we are cleaning, but we will make sure your home is welcoming when you return home. If you are home, we just ask to be mindful of the cleaner with the tasks they need to accomplish. We will work around your zoom call, but we just ask to not cook homemade pasta noodles while we are cleaning the kitchen. 😉

When you schedule your cleaning, we will ask for instructions on how to enter your home. For example: you may supply a key that Grace Home Cleaning keeps to enter your home, your key will have a number on it and that number is only known by Grace Home Cleaning, if you ever cancel service we will destroy the key originally given to Grace Home Cleaning. Some clients might put a key under a doormat or a lock box. Some clients supply Grace Home Cleaning with a door code or garage code. We like to say as long as we can get into clean, that is all that matters! Then, our Professional Home Cleaners will lock up when they have finished the cleaning. Security is one of our top priorities!

When scheduling your cleaning be sure to let us know if you have a security system and if it will be set when we arrive. Our cleaners are able to disable when they arrive, and enable when they leave to assure your home is secure.
If you are not home when the cleaning technicians arrive and have not provided access information in advance, we will contact you and request a way to enter, such as a garage code or hidden key. If the cleaning technician cannot gain access or is turned away at the door, we will change a lockout fee of 100% of the full cost of the cleaning to compensate our Professional Home Cleaners for their lost time.

3 days and 1 day prior to our arrival you will receive an email and if enabled a text message from us to remind you of your appointment. Your home cleaner normally has a +/- 1 hour arrival window. So that means if your cleaning is scheduled at 11:30 a.m. they could arrive anytime from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. If you will not be home just contact our office to give the Professional Home Cleaner entry instructions.

We want you to be able to count on us. Our professional Home Cleaners rarely arrive later than scheduled unless there is extremely heavy traffic or another unusual occurrence, in which case we will notify you as soon as possible. If the arrival window has passed and you have not heard from our office staff please call us right away at (402) 769-0774 so we can investigate. In the unlikely event that we do not clean your home the day of your scheduled appointment, the cleaning will be rescheduled for the earliest possible date.

We love animals! We will gladly work around most domestic pets, but please secure any pet that may be a threat to our Professional Home Cleaners or that may interfere or interrupt the cleaning process. Some pets can cause tripping hazards, play with the cleaning equipment, go into trash bags or shed causing a delay in the clean. Please keep all pets and children away from sanitized surfaces until the disinfectant is thoroughly dry.
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