Now the ultimate question, why hire Grace Home Cleaning?

Grace Home Cleaning is a family owned business which prides itself in being Omaha’s premier home cleaning service. What sets us aside from our competition? Regardless of experience, each employee goes through a rigorous, cutting edge training program called Speed Cleaning which shows the cleaners the best way to clean your home so every nook and cranny is not missed in the cleaning process! We have top-tear training for all new hires, extensive check lists for cleaners to fill out to assure everything top-bottom throughout your house is completed, two phenomenal quality managers who stop by at every initial cleaning & pop in on recurring cleanings. We also have a 200% guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your cleaning, we will send the cleaner back to assure everything is up to the Grace Home Cleaning Standards. But.. what really sets us apart from other cleaning companies is our employees; they are the highest paid Professional Home Cleaners in Omaha, bottom line!

Now you may ask, how does is it that they are paid such high wages? After training, our cleaner are paid pay structure that is called “Pay For Performance” which means their pay is based off of how many homes they clean throughout the entire week. If they clean 10 or more homes, they make $22 an hour; and they get an extra $1/hour incentive if they are available all day, everyday throughout the week and are team players who are willing to go the extra mile to make their clients happy, and help any of their coworkers who might need assistance. If you ever are completely satisfied with your cleanings, we always recommend leaving a Google, Facebook or Yelp review and if you do so, Grace Home Cleaning tips your cleaner $15 in YOUR name for their hard work!

Again, we want to thank you in advanced for Leaving it to Grace, to Clean your Space!

What Clients Love About Grace

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