Why Choose Grace

So now, the ultimate question, “Why Grace Home Cleaning?”

Grace Home Cleaning is Omaha’s premier home cleaning service.

You then may ask, “What sets us aside from other Home Cleaning Companies?”

Some might say the quality of service. Others might say “They do what they say they will do!” Though both of these statements are accurate, what sets us apart from the rest is our employees! They are dedicated, hard-working, and loyal. Not only are they these things, but they are also the highest paid professional home cleaners in Omaha!

How Our Employees are Paid

We pay our employees with a structure called “Pay for Performance”. That means their pay is a commission-based pay that is based on your review and their performance. This provides them a reason to clean in a highly-efficient and effective manner.

We Invest in a Cutting-Edge Home Cleaning Training Program

Another critical piece that sets our professional home cleaners apart from our competition is our rigorous training program, Speed Cleaning. Every employee is trained with this program, which educates them with the most efficient and expected way to clean your home. Both Grace Home Cleaning and Speed Cleaning know that a “clean home isn’t just a happy home, but it is a safer and healthier home, too!”

What Clients Love About Grace