Grace Home Cleaning FAQs

We hope you never do! We have fully vetted and tested our Professional Home Cleaning Technicians, so we know they are working hard to leave your home sparkly clean. But if you are not completely satisfied, please contact us right away at 402-769-0774 or email us at so we can address the issue promptly. Our policy is to send the original Professional Home Cleaner to re-clean anything they have missed, if for some reason we cannot send them back we will send one of our Quality Supervisors. The re-clean will be completed within two business days of the original cleaning.

Our Professional Home Cleaners are fully vetted before hiring them, they must pass a pre-employment criminal background check and pre-employment drug screen. While in your home they are very careful to protect any fragile items, and will not open drawers, cabinets, closets or rooms with closed doors without permission. However, accidents can happen, so please see our Breakage Policy for more information. If you have delicate or irreplaceable items, please put them in a closed area or let us know which areas are off limits. And always secure any jewelry, cash and weapons.

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