Thank You For Helping Us Make A Difference In The Omaha Cleaning Industry

Thank you for your Omaha home cleaning services - grace home cleaning

With the vision and mission of helping people reduce stress, save time for the things that are important to them, it’s no wonder that our company, Grace Home Cleaning, has been this successful.

To our family, friends, clients, and community for their unconditional support, you help us in more ways than you could ever imagine and, for that, we will forever be grateful!

Family – You Are The Difference

When Grace Home Cleaning was born, we started cleaning for many family members first to hone in our skills and determine what we could offer for a home cleaning service that would save people time to spend time where they cherish.

From our own home being cleaned by the team, to close relatives looking to come home to a fresh and clean house without needing to worry about dusting, vacuuming or scrubbing down the toilets, we were able to build a list of tasks includes in a one-time clean, and move in/move out clean.

Thank you to our family for always supporting us and providing us with love and dedication as we got this beautiful legacy off the ground!

Friends – You Saw What We Needed Before We Knew

The process of starting and launching a business was more than we expected. And, while we are “go-getters” who are in for rolling up our sleeves, we were thankful to have loyal friends who let us bounce ideas off of them regarding our business operations and cleaning services.

Convenience was the first request that all of our friends asked for so we immediately invested and established an online booking system.

The second was flexibility in the services we offered. Realizing that cleaning services are not a one-size-fits-all, we created customized cleaning plan options for the person who loves to keep their home sparkly all the time.

We also expanded our services so we could be on call for those who have homes that are always clean as well as those who don’t have time to clean.

Most importantly, our friends helped us realize that with this legacy, we make a difference and that’s how we found the “Cleaning for a Reason” program and added it to our offerings – as its mission and vision hits home us personally.

Clients – Thank You For Trusting Us With Your Home

The residential cleaning industry can be a competitive space, but if you were to talk with our clients, they would tell you there’s only one cleaning company in Omaha that matters; Grace Home Cleaning.

Each day, we’re thankful for our clients who genuinely feel like family to us. We work within their homes and often take over many elements of their cleaning processes allowing us seeing them each week or multiple times a week.

Our clients are always respectful and know we are completely open to feedback on other services they would like to see in the future like the after-party cleaning and outdoor/kitchen cleaning services (born shortly after launching the company based on request).

Community – It Takes A Village & We Have One

Since opening our doors, our community has helped us spread the word of Grace Home Cleaning with eagerness and enthusiasm. From fellow entrepreneurs, our local networking group, our church, our office and home neighborhoods, those we surround ourselves with have helped us grow by word-of-mouth, and the majority of them are weekly or bi-weekly clients.

We wanted to make a difference and introduce standards in the Omaha cleaning industry and thanks to each of you, we have done just that in 2017!

Thank you.

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