Tips for Keeping Your Home Tidy in Between Cleaning Appointments

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a professional cleaning service like Grace Home Cleaning helping out on a regular schedule, you know all too well the feeling of coming home to that tidy, spotless home. You close your eyes and for just a moment, you imagine your kitchen is always this clean and your living room forever smells so freshly dusted.

And then, you open your eyes and realize, just as quickly as your home became ship shape, it just as rapidly starts showing the signs of, well… life. You know what I mean. The mac and cheese remnants on the stove burner. The water spots on the bathroom mirror. The footprints across the once pristine hardwood floor.

Not to worry. Grace Home Cleaning will return on schedule to take care of those things. But, if you’d like to keep some of that “just cleaned” feeling going a little longer, there are a few simple things you can do between visits to retain order (and your sanity):

Keep The Sink Empty At All Times.

One of the simplest things you can do to stay on top of kitchen clutter is to simply rinse and put away dishes as they are used. This sounds like a “no brainer,” but most of us know all too well the temptation of tossing dishes in the sink and dealing with them later. Get in the habit of not calling it a night until the dishes are done and all spills and spatters from the day’s culinary adventures are wiped away.

If you have children, give them age-appropriate chores that might include loading or unloading the dishwasher or wiping down tables and countertops.

Leave Shoes At The Door.

You will be shocked to see how much longer your carpets and floors stay clean if this rule is enforced. To keep your carpet and main areas clean and clear, make a rule that everyone takes off their shoes at the door.

For you pet lovers, if possible, install a small hook by the front and back doors and keep a designated towel to quickly wipe pet’s paws before they come back in from outdoors.

DeClutter Paper Work & Organize Everything From The Mail Box.

They call it junk mail for a reason. Deal with each day’s mail, papers, fliers, and other clutter items head-on. Create a designated place for important items to go (other than your countertop or dining room table). Place recycle boxes or bins where you can access them and use them as these items enter your home.

Keep Bathrooms Fresh By Cleaning As You Go.

Sinks, showers, and bathtubs stay cleaner longer if you take a moment to simply rinse them out after use. Rinse the sink to remove toothpaste or shaving remnants. Consider using the popular daily shower cleaning sprays that help keep water spots and mineral buildup from setting in and invest in an antibacterial shower curtain liner. For glass surfaces, be sure to use a squeegee and clean the area quite often. And, be sure to remember to empty the bathroom trash bin every few days.

Create a Home For All Items.

Remember the old saying, “a place for everything and everything in its place?” There’s a lot of truth to that. Create designated drop zones for things like shoes, coats, or backpacks. This makes it easier on your way out in the morning if you know exactly where these items will be. It also helps you not to forget to put the “office” laptop and computer bag before exiting the door.

Tackle Laundry Head On.

In every room where dirty clothes might otherwise end up on the floor, place a simple laundry basket or hamper and make a point to use them. In the laundry room, consider placing sorting stations where your family can bring their full baskets to be sorted by color. Empty baskets can then be refilled with clean, folded clothes and returned to their owners to be put away promptly.

Get Proactive With Pet Fur.

Got pets? Then you’ve likely got pet fur. You can minimize shedding by using special shedding combs or asking your groomer to provide a thorough de-shedding treatment. When grooming at home, try to comb and brush the dog outside versus inside. You can also cover favorite pet landing spots with washable covers and blankets.

Honestly? We don’t mind the spills, splatters, and dust. That’s what Grace Home Cleaning is here to help solve. But, if you’d like to bring a little sanity and order to your home in between our professional cleaning visits, these are just a few simple habits you and your family can consider. Are you ready for that “just cleaned” feeling? Call Grace Home Cleaning today at 402-769-0774.

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