Tips for Cleaning Your Great Outdoors

Tips for Cleaning Your Great Outdoors - Grace Home Cleaning

This time of the year, use of outdoor kitchens and barbecue grills is at an all-time high in Omaha, Nebraska. Summer and Fall weather, entertaining or just hanging out on your patio mean your outdoor space is used more now than at any time throughout the year. But, whether your outdoor area is elaborate, or a merely a simple barbeque grill on the deck, it does require regular cleaning and attention.

With most outdoor grills are made of materials such as stainless steel or stone for durability, using the appropriate cleaning techniques is very important.

Grace Home Cleaning knows a thing or two about cleaning outdoor spaces and the various implements we use to cook, entertain and have fun outdoors. Here are a few tips for making sure your outdoor area is ready for its next use.

Grills Need Love Too!

Grill maintenance will vary based on what type you own, but all demand a regular, thorough cleaning to keep them operational and safe. While many think it is adequate to merely give the cooking surface a quick swipe with a grill brush before laying down the next burger patty, your cleaning routine should go a little further. Wiping down the surface of the exterior with a mild detergent and water rinse, giving attention to the inside of the lid where grease can accumulate and give the cooking grates regular attention with hot water and a quality detergent will keep your grill in good shape. More extended term maintenance might include cleaning the heating elements and burners. And, don’t forget to empty the grease cup underneath!

Surfaces and Sinks Require A Wipe Down Before & After.

Outdoor counters will collect more than just remnants of your cooking such as dust, debris, insects. With it only taking a few minutes to wipe down your counters and sink before or after use, the Grace Home Cleaning crew recommend making a healthy habit of cleaning the outdoor kitchen surfaces and sink as it helps prevent buildup and once in a while deep cleaning. With food preparation, it’s a good idea to keep counter spaces clean and sanity, so you can set down prepared and your cooking utensils on the surface.

Outdoor Refrigerator Maintenance Is A Must!

Yes, they are made to be outside, but that doesn’t mean that outdoor refrigerators don’t need a little love and attention. Be sure to disconnect, completely clean then store your cooling unit indoors over the winter months. At Grace Home Cleaning in Omaha, we recommend outdoor refrigerators not to experience temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. During warmer seasons, maintain your fridge by keeping the exterior clean at all times. You can apply a mixture of soap and water, rinse the area, and let it air dry. Don’t forget the inside of the fridge as well. You can wipe down the shelves with a mild detergent to keep things clean and ready for your next guests.

Hire Grace Home Cleaning – We Can Do All The Above For You!

Outdoor cleaning just not your thing? Looking to save time and reduce stress? Grace Home Cleaning excels at keeping your outdoor kitchens, grills and exterior spaces in top-notch clean condition weekly, bi-weekly or on a special occasion.

Let us do all the work for you so you can enjoy your great outdoors! Call to schedule your outdoor kitchen area or Omaha home cleaning today at (402) 769-0774.

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