Exterior Grill and Kitchen Cleaning

What We Clean and Degrease: Hood, Control Knobs, Drip Trays, Rotisserie Racks, Igniters, Thermometer, Grill Grates, Flavorer Bars, Heat Plates

Inspection of the Following Parts: Burners, Pressure Regulator, Igniters, Venturi Tubes


Standard Grills (2-3 Burners)

Charcoal $99
Gas $150

Large Grills (4-5 Burners)

Charcoal $125
Gas $200

Commercial Grills (6 Burners or more)

Charcoal $200
Gas $250

Outdoor Kitchens $300

Hoods $200 and Up

Diagnostics Fee $99 (free with cleaning)
Grill Repairs $99/HR (Does Not Include Parts)
We Repair/Replace:
Grates, Flame Tamers, Knobs, Temperature Gauge, Propane Hose,
Light Bulbs, Battery Changes, Fixtures, Igniters,
Igniter Modules, Burners, Electrodes, Regulators, Valves,
Wiring, Electric Work, Rear Burners, Sear Burners
and Thermal Couples.

* All repair related costs must be prepaid before parts are ordered*